photography by mark waugh
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Capture the Invisible / Craft and Science in particle physics

Covered with 12,000 photomultiplier tubes the Super Kamiokande neutrino observatory in Japan is the ultimate meeting of science and craft. A photomultiplier tube is an extremely sensitive converter of light to electricity (the opposite of a light bulb!).

In this workshop you will get the chance to make your own photomultiplier tube to capture the invisible in your own bedroom! Designed by Nelly Ben Hayoun in collaboration with Dr Jonathan Perkin, physicist and glassblower Jochen Holz.

Workshop recommended for 10+ and adults.

Sunday 24th October from 2 to 4pm- book online

To be held at:

John Dalton Building
Manchester Metropolitan University
Chester Street/Oxford Road
M15GD Manchester
United Kingdom